SEPTEMBER - remember September

I barely caught up with all the clearing away the debris of weeds and slugs and wind damage when September arrived. I was almost ready to chuck in the towel with the devastation of the year’s weather which seemed hell bent on destroying all green life.

My agricubes were a poor show, all the herbs dwarfed and damaged, eaten and scrawny were barely worth the effort. The carrots were good but smaller than expected, spring onions on the other cube sagged and wind damaged also.

Now at the beginning of the month I appraise the cubes and see that even the rain has tainted the copper slug repellant tape and the little slimy freaks have filled their bellies at my expense but hooray for some sunshine and my tenacity to keep removing the little offenders and taking them far far away from the site.

So it is the end of the month. I try again to feed and fertilize the soil in the cubes and weed out the dead vegetation and re plant and sow for autumn and winter. Having to battle with the beds all year has taken its toll on my energy and attention to keep the cubes in tip top condition but still I have some scorzonera and herbs, carrots and flowers doing ok.

I don’t have a plan for October yet but perhaps some winter lettuce. One of the cubes is ready to be emptied and refilled with good soil, compost and a new plan hatched.

Wish me luck as like all allotmenteers I am just about holding my own but have very little hair left on my head from pulling it out. 

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