Agricube Tester - Kay Sexton

I’m the author of Minding My Peas and Cucumbers: Quirky Tales of Allotment Life and that’s a book that could almost be described as a ‘how not to’ manual for allotment growing!

Like a lot of beginners in my early years of allotment life, I overgrew, underweeded and generally mismanaged the plots on which I was a co-worker. As my apprenticeship to food growing continued, I discovered that I could do half the work and get twice the produce if I was disciplined and organised, and that allowed me to begin to really enjoy the process of ‘being’ on an allotment rather than ‘doing’ an allotment like an endless piece of homework.

Plot #103 is a community plot where we experiment with a range of growing styles (intensive raised bed growing, edible landscaping and a limited amount of permaculture) to see what works and what doesn’t – and it’s where I teach workshops in the craft of growing vegetables, fruit and herbs, and in the art of writing about the things we grow.

My husband Tony is an essential part of my allotment experience – he’s the one who designs, builds, maintains and bodges all the clever structures and facilities we have on the plot, from our water conservation systems through to our raised beds and seating, so the two of us work together (reasonably) harmoniously to balance growing things and making things that allow us to grow other things!

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