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Hi all,New to growing anything at all (ex fisherman) and looking forward to growing lots of tasty vegetables and maybe some nice smelling flowers, too. I haven’t got a plot yet but would like any advice anyone has to offer in the meantime.

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  • Hi John, welcome to our site. There is lots of advice for newbies in our advice and tips section or you might also want to post your question on the Federation Forum Good luck and I hope you don’t have to wait too long to get a plot!!

    By Melanie Matthews (24/06/2012)
  • Thanks Melanie, I’m new to Brighton and I have a new job, too, so as I’ll be staying in the city, I thought growing some nice veggies would be a good idea and some colourful and smelly flowers, too. And maybe meet a few nice people, too. I have my name down for a plot at Natal Road Allotments. I’m looking for a flat so I don’t know which part of Brighton I may end up in yet but I thought that was a good central place. Maybe I’ll change the location if I get a place too far away. As I haven’t been a grower of anything before, I haven’t a clue about how to plant and when. I would like to grow things like spuds and carrots but I particularly like cooking with herbs and spices and I’d love to grow lots of those. I’d like to have a bit of ‘tended’ wilderness too, to attract some birds and insects and that and maybe a pond would be nice too. I’ve read a few of the advice columns on here and found them very good. I realise I’ll very likely get a bit of a wilderness but some hard work and elbow grease should sort that out. I think I need advice about things like digging the soil over and fertilisers to start with. Then once the ground is ready, what should I plant first depending on what season it is when I get the plot. And some advice about what will and won’t grow in the chalky soil here and also whether certain plants like lots of water or not much sun and that sort of thing. And what is a weed? I am looking forward to it all greatly, and having a harvest of tasty veggies and that. Cheers Melanie, and thanks for your reply. John

    By John Callister (24/06/2012)
  • Hi Jhon! nice story.

    By Daisy Simpson (16/02/2017)

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