My Plot - 3 Craven Vale


I have had my plot nearly ten years and was in good health then. Now I’m disabled and can no longer walk to my plot. It took me five minutes then but as I got worse I had to rely on a friend to drive me up there. But now unable to go up to my plot as the path-high way is in a very bad state of repair due to the council taking very heavy vehicles up to clean up the old allotment plots and this was done in the autumn-winter months a year ago. the Tyre tracks are so deep the grass in the middle rubs on the bottom of the car, one person has done damage to his car and others complain, there was a van stuck up there also. 

I live in a block of flats and do not have a balcony and I’m very fed up with the long winded council. If i get a weed notice I will not be pleased that’s putting it mildly, they want the rent on time  but do we get any repairs or path maintenance, no. I do have a co-worker who does all the digging and heavy work but to plant any thing or grow my crops I need to get there. As you see I have a pond which I need to maintain and a lot of rose bushes to see to, there are a lot of bushes to see to, also potting up to do ,and now I’m getting very frustrated. This is my story, Val.

I have newts in here with fish and frogs, its deep enough so they are safe in the winter
this is nice
this was grown from a small stick
this poor moth I gave a bath not seeing it but dried it out and ok
I like to sit and relax here

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