Do's and don'ts of allotments


  • Cultivate all of your plot (or at least 75% of it as per council rules).
  • Compost all soft green waste on your plot
  • Keep your plot clearly numbered
  • Keep gates locked at all times
  • Clear weeds from your plot to prevent them causing a nuisance to your neighbour
  • Exercise a duty of care especially when using pesticides or lighting bonfires (use an incinerator at all times)
  • Practice good neighbourliness at all times, control dogs and visitors to your plot
  • Maintain pathways, headlands and hedges between your plot and neighbours or the main roadways
  • Pay your rent on time
  • Notify the Allotment Officer of any change of address or personal details
  • Use water wisely
  • Respect your neighbours produce and property


  • Cause nuisance to people living near allotments by having unnecessary or very smoky bonfires, or leaving the fire unattended or smouldering
  • Use your allotment for business or retail purposes
  • Allow weeds to set seed and disperse to neighbouring plots
  • Bring carpet or tyres to your plot (they are banned on environmental reasons)
  • Plant trees or hedges which will cannot be trimmed to around 2m, or plant Leylandii, Banboo, willow or any fast growing or invasive hedging
  • Cause harm or injury to other allotment holders and or their property
  • Engage in abusive or unacceptable behaviour to other plot holders or council officials
  • Dump rubbish on neighbouring or vacant plots

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