The Brighton & Hove Allotment Federation Committee

 The working Committee 2021-2022 consists of.

Chairman – Mark Carroll (Roedale Valley)
Vice Chairman – Simon Powell (Whitehawk)
Treasurer – Hannes Froehlich (Roedale Valley)
Secretary (Acting) – Hilary Standing (Keston)
Plot Holders Liaison Officer – Giuseppina Salamone (Moulsecoomb)

Andrew Amos –  Site Rep Support
Allan Brown
Victoria Williams
Nick Fry
Maude Casey
Ronnie Mair


Mark Carroll (Chair)
I’ve worked an allotment at Roedale Valley since 1997, and got my own plot in 1999.  I
joined the BHAF committee in 2013 as the ‘Publicity Officer’ and became Chairman in 2018.
I was born in Brighton. I grew up in Bevendean and Coldean and I’ve lived in Brighton all my life apart from some spells working away. I now work full time running my own internet
business with my partner and I have a daughter aged 16 who was practically ‘grown on the
allotment!’  Over the years I have come to realise how incredibly important allotments are,
not just for food growing and for physical and mental health but also for benefits they bring
to the wider environment in terms of bio-diversity and the green corridor they bring into
the city. It’s quite remarkable that we still have a right to allotments in law, the legislation
requiring Councils to provide sufficient allotments has been challenged multiple times over
the years but still remains intact. I feel passionately that allotments need to be protected
into the future for our children and their children.

Simon Powell (Vice-Chair)
I’m a self-employed gardener by trade, and BHAF Vice-chair and Ecology Officer. I graduated
from Sussex Uni in 2003 with a BSc in Ecology & Conservation, and settled in Brighton.
I grow organically, learning my growing skills as a volunteer at the Whitehawk Community
Food Project 2001-2017. I’ve had my own plot on Whitehawk Hill since 2004, where my son
is now learning some practical skills while helping to supplement our family’s diet. I’m
continually struck by how much better homegrown food tastes compared to shop-bought.

Hannes Froehlich (Treasurer)
I live with my family at 5-ways and we’ve had an allotment at the Roedale valley site since
2007. I’ve been involved in the Roedale Allotments and Gardens Association (RAGS) since
2011 as treasurer. In 2014 I joined the BHAF committee as treasurer.

Hilary Standing (Secretary)
I’ve had an allotment at Keston (Patcham) for 20 years, and still haven’t got the bindweed
under control. I’m also still amazed every year at how things magically grow to produce fruit
and vegetables. I joined the BHAF committee in 2018, initially representing the Keston
Association, and became Secretary in 2019. I love the “make do” and sharing culture of
allotments and the informal learning that allotments encourage. I am keen to promote and
widen the appeal of allotment gardening as an inclusive activity for everyone.

Josephina Salamone (Plotholders’ Liaison Officer)
I was elected to the committee in 2014. I have since been loyal to BHAF as the
association of the City’s allotment tenants, trying my best to represent tenants vis-a-vis the
Council, helping them resolving their issues. I believe that there is no contradiction between
the Council’s commitment to provide high quality service to its tenants and our
commitment to represent them.

Andrew Amos (Site Rep Support)
I’ve had an allotment at Roedale Valley for 26 years. I have been site representative there
for 21 years and have been shop and tearoom manager for 8 years. I have been visiting allotments since I was two years old with my grandad who also ran an allotment shop in the
sixties and seventies. I have recently been elected onto the BHAF committee to help with
site rep training.

Angela Jane Swinn
I’ve been gardening at Windmill Hill in Rottingdean since 2000. I have a rural background,
have studied Agricultural Science, Animal Science and I’m a Central Saint Martins Fine Art
graduate. I create book cover art as well as working on my own illustrated children’s books. I garden organically, with biodiversity at the heart of all I do. I joined the BHAF committee in 2019

Victoria Williams
Along with my husband, I’ve had an allotment at Roedale Valley for just about 19 years. I love the bird song, the lack of traffic noise and the very lovely allotment community at Roedale Valley. I am Director at Food Matters, chair of the board for the Brighton and Hove Food Partnership and have been involved with the organisation from the get-go. I was involved in giving support during the development of the allotment strategy and am keen to join the BHAF committee as it continues working collaboratively with BHCC Allotment Service to provide the best possible support for allotmenteers across the city.

Nick Fry
I have been an allotment holder on Craven Vale Allotments for the last 11 years and am a committee member of the Craven Vale and Whitehawk Hill Allotment Society. Following horticultural training, I worked as a landscape gardener before managing a community garden centre in Manchester and a therapeutic gardening project for people with mental health problems in London.

I have previously been a committee member of Brighton & Hove Organic Gardening Group (BHOGG) and Brighton & Hove Food Partnership. I am keen to see as many people using the city’s allotments for what they are intended for – growing food and enjoying life and nature through gardening.

Maude Casey
It’s such a privilege, having an allotment. I feel responsible for the soil, the air and the sky above it, and for the life-forms that thrive there. I’ve practised growing organically since i began gardening and have noticed the increase in insect numbers, slow-worms, lizards and the range of butterflies and birds. I’ve learnt most of what i know about gardening from my fellow plot holders and the volunteers on the MAHS Nature Site. Most recently I’m learning about no-dig methods and the principles of permaculture.

I’m on the Committee of Moulsecoomb Allotment and Horticultural Society. I’m also a member of Open Space Society, Butterfly Conservation Trust and Bumblebee Conservation Trust. My commitment to these informs everything I do, because the allotment has shown me that all life forms are interconnected and depend on each other. That’s why I think the existence of BHAF is so important and why I’ve attended BHAF meetings and evening forums when i could, over the years.

Ronnie Mair

My name is Ronnie Mair and I cultivate two plots at the Windmill Hill allotment site and I have been working on my plots for over 30 years. I am self sufficient in compost (using leaf mould, grass cuttings and twigs), which I compost over a year. I have two ponds, which breed natural predators, i.e. frogs, toads and newts, this pond is also a watering hole for small mammals and a breeding ground for hover flies, which as you know are the best pollinators around. 80 percent of my plots are cultivated for food and flowers.

Allan Brown
Former BHAF Chairman Allan is currently taking temporary leave.

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