Our Constitution


The Brighton and Hove allotment Federation is run by allotment holders.

The overall Aim of the Allotment Federation is to protect and promote the rights of allotmenteers in Brighton & Hove.

The objects of the Federation are

1) To protect the interests of allotmenteers and represent them effectively to Brighton and Hove City Council and all allotment landowners. In particular, to protect and represent allotmenteers on allotments administration, rents, rules, facilities and site management, ensuring that participatory and non-discriminatory principles are followed, with transparency in all activities.

2) To monitor the provision of, and maintain the security of tenure, of all lands designated as allotments, promoting an increase where necessary and actively resisting any proposed decrease or change of land use, whilst ensuring that Brighton and Hove City Council meets its statutory obligations, as stated in the 1908 to 1950s Allotments Acts and other legislation.

3) Establish effective communications with local statutory and non-statutory bodies, and those officers of Brighton and Hove City Council whose responsibilities include any matter relating to allotments and leisure gardens. To participate in local planning reviews and develop an allotments strategy in partnership with other bodies.

4) To encourage the effective use of allotments and the adoption of good practice in sustainable management of the land, including the provision of information and the promotion of events and training.

5) To work to ensure that allotments are and remain affordable to all. In particular, to support allotment-holders wanting sufficient allotment land to provide themselves and their families with a year-round supply of food crop, and to challenge any allotment rules which prevent or restrict this ability.

6) To promote and protect diverse gardening practices, organic cultivation and the conservation of allotments as places of great bio-diversity and as wildlife corridors within and around the city, and press the council to observe its own wildlife policy, as well as its national statutory obligations, in relation to biodiversity and habitat conservation, in management of allotment sites.

7) To encourage, advise and support the formation of allotment societies and associations, encouraging the sharing of site resources, skills, knowledge and equipment, and to recognise said groups as partners in the Federation’s work, whilst recognising the autonomy of management committees in regard to their own affairs.

8) To act as the focal point for “site representatives” providing advice and support, especially to allotment tenants on sites without allotment societies or associations. In addition, to act as the liaison between site representatives and individual tenants in matters of dispute.

9) To take measures to ensure that funds raised from rental income, grants or by other means are used efficiently and effectively in the management and development of sites to the benefit of all allotment holdersand to scrutinise maintenance and improvement of facilities, including site protection and the provision of plots for people with disabilities and special needs.

10) To work in partnership with local community food projects, environmental organisations, community organisations and city residents, among others, on matters of mutual interest, promoting a greater understanding of allotment gardening and food growing within the local community, with emphasis on the health and environmental benefits of local food growing and leisure gardening.

11) To research, inform, educate and report on matters relevant to allotments and leisure gardens both locally and nationally, and to actively inform and consult Federation members about issues which impact on allotments, keeping plot holders informed via the BHAF website and other means.


All plot holders and registered co-workers of allotment plots under the jurisdiction of Brighton and Hove City Council are members of the Federation.

All sites, whose tenants are formed as a site association or not, may nominate a contact to attend committee meetings of the Federation and to receive agenda, consultation papers and minutes.


The officers, namely the Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary, Publicity Officer, Treasurer, Plot Holder Liaison Officer and Committee, shall have full powers as necessary to achieve the objects of the Federation.

Any properly formed and elected Allotment Association can nominate a representative to attend Committee meetings with full voting rights.

In the event of votes being equally divided, the Chair may exercise a casting vote.



  • Day to Day management – the day-to-day business of the Federation shall be conducted by the Officers and Committee members. The Committee shall comprise of elected representatives and an elected Councillor nominated by the City Council.
  • Officer/Committee Appointment – the Officers shall be elected at the AGM and the Committee members will be nominated by site members, Allotment Associations or personally volunteer.  The Committee shall have the power to co-opt additional members and fill any vacancies of either officer or site representative arising during the year. The Committee will meet quarterly or more frequently if required.
  • Vice Presidents – Members can nominate persons as an Honorary Vice-President of the Federation in recognition of service given to the Federation or service given to a Society or Allotment Site. Nominations to be submitted to the Secretary by the 31st. January each year with a record of the nominees service including dates. Vice Presidents shall be re-elected annually
  • Notice of Motions – Notice of all intended motions to be put to Committee meetings must be submitted to the Secretary 14 days before the date of the notified meeting


Sites with societies and/or associations and individuals may make donations towards the running of the Federation.

  • Rent Funding – The Council will make a per capita grant, renewable biannually in September, of approximately 2.5% of the annual rent paid by tenants subject to satisfactory annual audited accounts being agreed at the AGM.
  • Special Projects – The Federation may raise special projects funding by applying for grants or obtaining sponsors.
  • Equipment Funds – Any equipment fund provided by the Council from time to time shall be separately administered and accounted for, as agreed with Council officers.
  • Banking – All income received by the Federation shall be paid into a bank account in the name of the Federation. Signatories shall be the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer who are authorised to pay any agreed running expenses or other expenditure. Cheques will require 2 of the 3 authorised signatories.
  • Financial Year – The accounting year shall be 1st March to 28th/29th February. An independent auditor will audit the accounts.

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The AGM of the Federation, for which 14 days notice in writing shall be given by agenda notices attached to each site gate, shall be called as soon as practicable after 1st March. Notice of all intended motions to be put to the AGM must be submitted to the Secretary by the 31st.January each year, or 28 days before the AGM if date of the AGM after end of March.

Special General Meeting (SGM)

A SGM shall be held whenever the committee think it expedient or whenever a written request for such a meeting is sent to the Federation Secretary and signed by 5 allotment tenants, 7 days notice of each SGM shall be given by notices affixed to each site gate.


All Brighton and Hove Allotment holders are entitled to attend the AGM and SGM and vote on the business to be transacted. Approval will be by a simple majority of those attending the meeting.


The Quorum at all Committee meetings shall be 4 voting members.
The Quorum at all AGMs and SGMs  shall be 25 voting members.


The decision to dissolve the federation shall be taken at an AGM or SGM. In the event of a quorum of 25 not being present, officers may take a decision. Any finance in the accounts shall be disbursements of debts and liabilities be either returned to the source or donated to local charitable and voluntary organisations with similar objects.

Alteration to the constitution

Alterations to this constitution shall be made at an Annual or Special General Meeting.

Last updated at the AGM on 19th March 2013



Requirements for Affiliated Allotment Associations
Please download the document below

If you wish to contact the federation then the e-mail address is BHAF.contact@gmail.com


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