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This site has two site reps Рcontact the one nearest your plot.  Email is usually preferred as they can answer at their convenience.

Pete Elliot РPlot 49, Tel 07497 428075 or email

Nick Fry Tel 07796 632696 or email

Craven Vale and Whitehawk Hill Allotments Society (CVWHAS) have their own website here


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  • why is it we on craven vale and white hawk hill never get our paths and walk ways tidied up like cutting back the brambles and over hanging branches ,we who need to take stuff to our plots get our cars or vans scratched very badly buy this and i have had a delivery van refuse to go up there and dumped my goods at the gates ,and why is it the cars block the paths so other cars cannot get up to there own plots we have even had a car park on the hill just inside the gates and could not be found to ask to move,this is beyond a joke ,

    By Joanne Ingmans (10/06/2013)
  • Hi there Joanne, this sounds frustrating for you. Firstly regarding the cutting back – please speak to your site reps and ask them to put maintenance requests into the council – the BHAF have had assurances from the council that these requests will be actioned. However there is no guarantee that the spaces will be suitable for delivery vans – depending on the site and the size of the vans. Regarding the cars, this is indeed annoying – other sites have had similar problems. The “roads” within sites are purely access paths and definitely not for parking on. People dropping off things to their plots should then drive back to the car parking area so that their cars are out of the way. I suggest (this is my personal suggestion I am not talking on behalf of the BHAF): 1. Put up laminated notices on all gates and within the car park politely explaining the rule. If your site rep asks the council they might even provide laminated notices on headed paper. 2. Ask your site reps to speak to persistent offenders and explain that this isnt allowed 3. Compile a short polite note on paper and put it under people’s windscreen wipers 4.If all else fails take the plot number and registration number of cars parked in access ways and report to the council. Best wishes and good luck Melanie

    By Melanie Matthews (11/06/2013)
  • thank you .thanks for that, but we do not have a parking area on craven vale they have on up the top of white hawk hill but we do not have parking only room for 2 cars

    By Joanne Ingmans (09/03/2014)

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