Jennifer Timme

Jennifer was a kind friendly lady who always put others before herself ,always cheerful, she always had a passion for gardening.

She spent many years travelling places such as beirut ,lebanon and aleppo where she was a teacher, many was the tale she would tell of her times abroad,of her grand balcony in one of these places, covered with jasmine, geraniums and bougainvillea.

She also had a passion for classical music and could always be seen up in the balcony at the brighton philharmonic orchestra concerts, as she was a season ticket holder.

I met her some years ago when she was finding it hard work to dig her plots (not easy on her back) at this time she was maintaining two plots side by side, she had moved around the site a couple of times before she settled where she was.

Always a regular in the site hut i’m sure everyone knew her, if only in passing .
She would always grow way too much and spent most of the summer handing excess fruit and vegetables to her many friends!

A couple of weeks ago she succumbed to an aneurism,she was aware of the condition but never let it get her down, or affect her enjoyment of life ,she will be sadly missed by all who were fortunate enough to have had her in their lives ,and who were lucky enough to have been her friends.

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  • I am so sad to see that I am too late in trying to trace Jennifer. I taught with her in London in 1973 on her sabbatical at home, and then took up her kind invitation to visit her in Beirut. My friend Brigid and I had a wonderful time with her, and explored many amazing places-Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Israel, thanks to being able to use her home as a base, before returning to NZ. She was a lovely person, very hospitable,and I am sorry she never came to visit in NZ, so I could repay some hospitality.

    By Jane de Lisle (Nee Burton) (25/08/2011)
  • I was lucky enough to stay at her beautiful house in Beirut and enjoy the jasmine growing on the balcony. Jane and I were only planning on visiting Beirut but, Jennifer encouraged us to travel further and we had an amazing time in Syria, Jordan and Israel. An unforgettable experience and thanks to Jennifer. I am so sorry to learn of her passing. My sympathy to her family. Brigid Baker Cleary

    By Brigid Baker (30/08/2011)

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