Here are some top tips from a sweetcorn lover…

  1. If you have trouble with rats or squirrels nicking the corn just as its ripe, cut the end off a 1 or 2 litre squash bottle, and pop it over the cob
  2. to check if your sweetcorn is ripe, wait until the tassels turn chocolate brown and then squeeze a kernel between your fingers. If the liquid that comes out is clear, it isnt ready – if its white, its ready
  3. sweetcorn is best if there is as little time as possible between picking and eating. Best eaten on a BBQ on the plot, but if not, refrain from picking until you are leaving and throw them in some water as soon as you get home.
  4. Sweetcorn will freeze well.  Get a big pan boiling fiercely, chuck in some cobs, boil for about 7 mins, then take out and run under cold water, then put into an icy water bath (I put freezer blocks in a pan of water to cool it down).  When totally cooled, dry off completely and freeze in bags or clingfilm.

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