Hedgehogs and Slug Pellets

Hedgehogs eat slugs and snails

Hedgehogs… one of the allotmenteers best friends !

But sadly many are killed by slug pellets containing metaldehyde.

Please make sure if you use slug pellets, to use those containing ferric phosphate, this is harmless to hedgehogs, and usually labelled as ‘organic’. The most well known brand is ‘Growing Success Advanced Slug Killer’ but there are others. Using organic pellets will help keep our allotments as bio-diverse as possible!


2018 update

Metaldehyde Slug Pellets to be banned


New information is coming out that questions how safe Ferric Phosphate is to use. It seems that it may also be a danger to other wildlife. I suppose if it’s poisonous to slugs it’s still a poison. Here is more information for you to make you own mind up. BHAF aims to minimise chemical usage on allotments and to promote organic gardening.




Read about Snort – the tagged hedgehog who has made his home at Roedale Valley Allotments.

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  • The ferrous slugkiller is not safe for wildlife. It contains a chelate making the iron available to kill slugs and therefore other soil life such as worms and if enough is digested other wildlife. Also does not contain bitterex which makes it unpalatable to humans.

    By Louise Nowell (27/03/2021)

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