Build a pond for your plot

Why not make a new pond on the allotment – now is a good time to do that- you can either use a pre-formed one – look on freecycle – or use a liner. Choose an open sunny site, away from over hanging trees and try and make it level – if not all the water will end up at one end!  The deepest bit should be in the middle and need to be 50cm (just under 2ft).  Try and make a ledge around the edge to stand plants on and make a beach area that slopes down gently into the pond if you can.

To work out the liner, and rubber Butyl is best but quite expensive, measure the length and breadth of the pond, then add twice the maximum depth to each of those measurements.  Try and line the pond with landscaping fabric first so that the stones don’t rip the liner.

If you don’t want a full blown pond then use a large bowl or any other receptacle as any amount of water will attract frogs, toads dragonflies etc.

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  • Can I check something, you say 60cm but the rules say 4.4 The maximum surface area for a pond is 1.5 square metres and will be no deeper than 50cm deep. The pond area will be included as part of the non-cultivated area.

    By claire (08/04/2012)
  • Sorry Claire – well spotted! I didnt write this – I just add the bulletins from Bridgette and I didn’t pick that up (she is very experienced at allotments but hasn’t had one for a while since she got a big garden so suspect she wasn’t aware of the rule). I suspect 10cm won’t be an issue but I will change it to go by the rules!

    By Melanie Matthews (21/04/2012)

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