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How does your garden grow? For gardeners, allotment holders and farmers with a green conscience, it’s a good idea to use a bit of horse sense – and that’s just what an enterprising local duo is hoping to achieve, right across our region. Richard Kennard and George Derrick, based in Findon near Worthing, at their aptly named Puckamuck depot, a subsidiary of Sussex Manures, are spreading the word, as well as the manure – and local growers just love it.

What’s more, they’re donating part of their proceeds to a top racehorse rehabilitation charity, which means their enterprise is coming full circle. The Thoroughbred Rehabilitation Centre (TRC) is a charity dedicated to racehorse welfare, providing a secure future for ex-racehorses, through re-training and re-homing.

“We’re delighted to associate ourselves with such a great charity, because it’s directly connected with our product,” says George. “In this way, it all begins and ends with the horse.”

Horse manure makes a fantastic natural fertiliser, but George and his team certainly wouldn’t recommend using it in your garden in its raw state. Puckamuck collects the manure from racing stables all over Surrey and Sussex, then shreds it, turns it and aerates it for anything up to a year before it becomes a sustainable full strength manure.

“It’s a natural growth accelerator for plants and vegetables, and it’s organically sourced with no bulking ingredients,” explains George. “And it’s completely peat-free, which is good news for gardeners and farmers who are anxious about their carbon footprint.”

And here’s the delicate question. What about the pong?

“There isn’t one,” says George. “The finished product is completely odour-free and won’t stain your hands. It’s extremely user-friendly, but we do recommend wearing rubber gloves when you handle it, and giving your hands a good wash afterwards.”

But it’s not just about manure. Richard and George produce hay and haylage, too – a superior horse feed that’s grown from rye grass and baled in two sizes.

“One is designed to take out with your horse, as a kind of packed lunch – say, to a gymkhana for the day,” explains George. “The other, larger size is for everyday use in the stables. And because it’s altogether moister than regular hay, it’s a gourmet treat for horses.”

This looks like a winner – by a nose!

Sussex Manures : Contact us for current pricing

Sussex Manures is offering Brighton and Hove allotment holders deals on Transit tipper loads of ready to use, aged shredded horse manure. 

2.5 cubic metres  of manure equates to 50 barrow loads. This is an ideal amount for four or five plot holders to share and is available this year at £105.00 plus VAT. (or £25.20 per plot holder) Call George: 07899 676166

Puckamuck is horse manure from stables in Surrey and Sussex. We mature it for a minimum of 12 months during which time we shred and aerate it twice. Finally we deliver it in 60L size bags or on our 2.5 cubic meter capacity tipper truck.  (50 allotment barrow loads)

Puckamuck is naturally baked during the maturing process, the temperature inside the pile is sufficient to eradicate irritating weed seeds but not too high to discourage worm activity or damage the product.

We are based in Findon West Sussex and our product is highly rated by domestic gardeners and professional growers alike. It is a natural and sustainable, organically sourced, fertilizer with which you can only improve the quality of your soil and crops. 

Mulch, top dress or mix in the soil for award winning vegetables, fruit and roses. Use it all year round, refreshing your soil as soon as you harvest. 

We are able to offer discounts to 30 or more plot holders who take delivery on the same day. We guarantee you will not buy finer manure cheaper. Call George Derrick for more info

01903 877981  Mobile 07899 676 166 mail:george@puckamuck.co.ukhttp://www.puckamuck.co.uk/


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  • Wonderful stuff. We’ve used cow manure for the last couple of years which is hard to break up and spread whereas the manure we recently bought from Puckamuck is (almost) a pleasure to spread! I can also vouch for the fact that it doesn’t smell.

    By Janet Ramsay (24/01/2012)

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