Apple Trees

Peter May (from the Brighton Permaculture Trust) who ran the series of Apple Tree Workshops

has put together a selection of Sussex Apple Varieties grafted onto suitable rootstocks, which he can deliver to allotment sites. The price of each one year tree is £16 which is a reduced allotment price!

To arrange a deliver of one of the varieties below please email Peter at

pictures of all these varieties can be found on the Brighton Permaculture website;



M116 medium dwarfing rootstock 

A large, sweet early September apple from Hawkridge Farm, near Herstmonceux the skin is flushed red with red and crimson stripes.  Ripens in early September and can be stored until October.  In 1851 Robert Hogg wrote that it “is a very popular apple in East Sussex especially around Hailsham, Heathfield and those parts where it is met with in almost every orchard and garden”.  Pollination day F12



Saltcote Pippin

M116 medium dwarfing rootstock                                                                                               

A medium to large, handsome apple flushed red with some russeting and a rich, aromatic flavour. A moderately vigorous, spreading tree which crops well. Pick early October and then stored until Nov-Jan.  First grown near Rye in 1928 overlooking the Rother estuary where salt was collected and dried.  Pollination day F12



Tinsley Quince

M116 medium dwarfing rootstock    

The fruit is greenish yellow with a quince-like smell when ripe.  The tree is from the Crawley area and  produces lots of fruit. Pick early October and can be stored till December. Scab resistant.  Pollination day F8



Wadhurst Pippin

M116 medium dwarfing rootstock 

A yellow green apple that can be streaked with crimson.  A very good cooking apple with a savoury, spicy taste.  Grown in the Wadhurst area by the early 19th century. 

An upright tree with fruit that can be picked in late September and stored until January. Pollination day F10



MM106 semi-dwarfing rootstock  

First grown at Buxted Park the name commemorates the coronation of Edward V11 in 1902.  It is large handsome eating apple that is orange-red streaked with red and with a sweet light taste.  Ripens in mid-September.  Pollination day F13

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