The financial value of the benefits that allotments bring to the city

This study was commissioned and funded by the Brighton and Hove Allotment Federation to examine and quantify the benefits of allotments to the city’s residents and to Brighton & Hove City Council.

As plot holders, we are all aware of the important benefits allotments bring to us and the wider community. Not just in the obvious benefits of producing locally grown food but also in the wider social benefits for physical and mental health as well as benefits to the environment. However a clear and methodologically robust case showing these benefits in value for money terms was lacking. The fact that these benefits did not have financial values attached meant that they were often left out of the equation when allotment finances were considered by local authorities. This has meant that there has been a narrative that allotments are a ‘loss making service.’ We knew instinctively this was not true so we commissioned a study to find the facts.

The study was produced by two local experts in evaluation methodologies for estimating monetary value of public infrastructure. The aim was to contribute to a clearer understanding of the social and monetary value of BHCC’s allotments estate in the three domains of food, environment and health benefits. It has established that even on conservative assumptions allotments make a significant contribution to the city’s finances. It also shows where allotments are contributing positively to progress in achieving many of the Council’s corporate objectives. However, the majority of these benefits have not been recorded, leading to allotments being undervalued as a public resource.

The Benefits this report considers

Food Benefits
Locally Grown Food
Saved Packaging
Global Warming Saving
Water Footprint Saving
Operational Food Waste Saving

Environmental Benefits
Bees and Pollinators
Storm Water Mitigation
Soil Carbon Storage

Health Benefits
Reduced BMI
Decreased Stress and Anxiety
Improved Mood and Reduced Depression
Decreased Social Isolation and Loneliness

The full report can be downloaded using the link below.

The InfoGraphic summarising the report is also available for download below



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  • Superb piece of research. Well done. Will certainly publicising this info here in South Derbyshire

    By John Pritchard (05/04/2022)

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