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Flower Bulbs, Seed Potatoes, Onion sets, Plants, Roses

By Myra Le Sage

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Top Score Flower Bulbs are wholesale suppliers of flower bulbs, seed potatoes, onion sets & shallots, bare root perennials, roses and various other products.  Our prices are very, very competitive, our quality excellent and our service is always friendly and efficient.  We do not have a minimum order value, the only stipulation we make is that product is purchased in the units shown on our web site:  Because our prices are so keen, we feel sure our range will be of serious interest to allotment holders and those people dealing with community planting schemes.  We have two seasons during the course of the year:  Spring and Autumn.  We still have a good range of Spring planting product available at present, and our autumn range will be listed from about July onwards.  We are open during the week-days if you wish to visit the Cash & Carry, but if this is not convenient, by prior arrangement and after quoting carriage costs, we will despatch

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