Increase your growing space - vertical growing!

By Melanie Matthews

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'Agricube' page

Agricube is a new sort of space for growing - providing a massive surface area in a small space.  

  • Its modular, add on more as you need more space.  
  • Its versatile - grow veg, bulbs, fruit, herbs and flowers. 
  • Its decorative - alone or in columns, or as screens. 
  • It can be used indoors or in the greenhouse or polytunnel.  
  • Its simple to use.  
  • It brings high yields from a small footprint (increasing yields 8 to 17 times compared to flat spaces). 
  • Its ideal for organic cultivation
  • It saves water and fertiliser - no loss through ground
  • You can cultivate standing up
  • Plant from seeds or seedlings
  • Harvest fresh clean product
  • Minimal hand tooling
  • Recompost soil after growth cycle
  • Mix plants to suit needs
  • Suitable for small or large areas
  • Plants protected against ground born diseases or or climatic excesses

You will be able to buy the agricube for £26.95  - and the manufacturer is offering a 5% discount to everyone who mentions this article.  Just contact them through their website.

This page was added by Melanie Matthews on 18/11/2011.