Garden Consultancy from the Garden House

Do you need help with your garden?

By Bridgette Saunders

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If you are wondering what to do with your garden, unable to identify your plants or have some ideas and are not sure how to go about achieving them, then why not ask for a consultation?  

The consultation lasts for an hour and a half, during which time we will advise you on when and how to complete gardening tasks, and also recommend people such as hard landscapers, designers, or tree surgeons to help you to carry out your plans.  They will be people that are well known to The Garden House and have a really good reputation and offer good rates for their services.

We can also offer advice on planting and choices of plants, as well as where to find the plants you like.

For more information or to make a time for a visit send us an email or call 07729 037182.

Bridgette and Deborah - The Garden House

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