Stories of their lives

We would like to record stories of some of the wonderful people who have shared our lives as allotment tenants.  Perhaps they were a guiding light to newer growers, or a regular winner at veg shows, or a tireless volunteer in their site society. Or perhaps they were someone who was special to you, and who loved their allotment.  Whatever the reason, if you know of a special allotment gardener who has passed on, and you would like to immortalise their memory on these pages, please contribute your stories. 

"A man lives for as long as we carry him inside us
for as long as we carry the harvest of his dreams
for as long as we ourselves live
holding memories in common, a man lives"

(part of a poem by Brian Patten)

Page link: Councillor David Smart
Councillor David Smart
10th March 1936 - 8th September 2010
Page link: Harry Gander
Harry Gander
18th August 1921 to 18th July 2010
Page link: Jennifer Timme
Jennifer Timme
much missed
Page link: Pamela Margaret Bean
Pamela Margaret Bean
12th July 1922 to 13th May 2010
Page link: Ron Buckman
Ron Buckman
A stalwart of Weald Site
Page link: Stan Charlwood
Stan Charlwood
23rd June 1915 - 26th June 2011