Kids corner

The popular stereotype of an allotment tenant is a retired man with a flat cap.  But things have moved on a bit since then!  Thankfully we still do have plenty of experienced older gardeners but we also have lots of younger men, women, and their families.  And together we hope we can encourage the next generation of gardners so that the allotments will pass down through the generations.

This section is where the younger gardeners can have their say.  Ask your children or grandchildren for their gardening related drawings or stories, or suggest they write in to the site and tell us about their experience of the allotment.

Page link: Adventures: Moulsecoomb plot 5/3
Adventures: Moulsecoomb plot 5/3
Summer 2010 - Caleb's pics
Page link: Making a Wildlife Hotel
Making a Wildlife Hotel
A great activity with the kids in the summer holidays
Page link: My Project about Bees
My Project about Bees
By Henry Touray