Bridgette's Bulletins

My name is Bridgette Saunders.  Through these bulletins I hope I can both inspire and encourage you to manage your allotment in a way that is productive, pleasurable and fun!  I also hope to explain some of the theory behind the principles of growing flowers, fruit and vegetables to help make more sense of how to make your allotment a success.  I have started off with a few general advice topics and from June 2011 will be doing a monthly bulletin with topics relevant to the time of year.

Best wishes, Bridgette

A message from the BHAF: This bulletin comes to you thanks to funding from the Big Lottery via the Harvest Brighton & Hove project. Harvest and the Allotment Federation are delighted to be working together to reaching and support new growers via its partnership with the Allotment Federation.

Page link: About me
About me
A little information about me and my gardening
Page link: Useful websites
Useful websites
Some handy websites for information and shopping
Page link: Garden Consultancy from the Garden House
Garden Consultancy from the Garden House
Do you need help with your garden?
Category link: Bridgette's January Bulletin
Bridgette's January Bulletin
Wildlife, rotation, top terms, potatoes, rhubarb forcing and more...
Category link: Bridgette's February Bulletin
Bridgette's February Bulletin
Shallots, early sowings, making a pond
Category link: Bridgette's March Bulletin
Bridgette's March Bulletin
Slugs, asparagus, artichokes, aubergines and more
Category link: Bridgette's April Bulletin
Bridgette's April Bulletin
Green manures, herbs, weeds and sowing
Category link: Bridgette's June Bulletin
Bridgette's June Bulletin
Water, weeds and what to do in June
Category link: Bridgette's July Bulletin
Bridgette's July Bulletin
Herbs, pests and diseases and what to do this month
Category link: Bridgette's August Bulletin
Bridgette's August Bulletin
Holiday planning, wildlife hotels, what to do this month and a recipe
Category link: Bridgette's September Bulletin
Bridgette's September Bulletin
ripening tomatoes, foraging, a poem and much more!
Category link: Bridgette's October Bulletin
Bridgette's October Bulletin
Leaves, bulb planting, what to do this month, a poem and more
Category link: Bridgette's November Bulletin
Bridgette's November Bulletin
Bonfires, soot, planting fruit trees and bulbs, focus on grapevines
Category link: Bridgette's December Bulletin
Bridgette's December Bulletin
planning, ordering, digging, washing